Saturday, February 12, 2011

Character Design - Good Girl Gone Bad?

VERSION 1 - When I first drew her, I thought her shoulders were a little hunched-looking

VERSION 2 - pretty much the same as version 1, but with more relaxed shoulders and different shoes

My drawing teacher, Jared Greenleaf, suggested that I add another character to the traditional "good guy, bad guy, side-kick" line-up. He mentioned how in most Japanese manga or anime, there's a character that turns from good to evil or vice versa (a la Darth Vader). This character design is meant to be that very character. I see her as being the big sister of the hero who ends up becoming a bad guy and then at the last minute, becomes good again. Instead of a giant wrench, she has a screw-driver sword...keeping with the "giant tools as weapons" motif.

I might color her with Photoshop, or even draw her "evil" version...but who knows.

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